Walk With Us NYC brings dignity, comfort and relief to the homeless children, women and men of NYC by providing them with new shoes and socks. We pair people who can help with those who need that help, empowering them through providing the essentials that truly make a difference in their lives.

Put yourself in the shoes of New York’s homeless.

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WWU - Homelessness

These New Yorkers struggle for access to life’s most basic necessities, including shoes and socks – the most requested items at homeless shelters.

Shoes and socks get us to school and to work. They keep us safe from the elements. They keep us mobile. And they give us a sense of dignity.

But sourcing and distributing shoes is no easy task. Lack of staffing and storage space prevent many organizations from taking on shoe donations and distribution.

WWU - Homelessness

Good shoes take you good places.

That’s why Walk With Us NYC is stepping up. We’re a not-for-profit that empowers New Yorkers to help each other through providing brand new shoes and socks to our city’s homeless community.

We partner with manufacturers and suppliers to source quality, properly fitting shoes and socks – and then pair them with those who need them.

We have the logistics, the facilities and the partnerships in place to make distributing shoes and socks across New York a reality.

Shoes speak louder than words.

And they’ll be ready to wear within 90 days.

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    Our Partnerships

    Walk With Us NYC has been able to help thousands of New Yorkers get back on their feet thanks to the generosity of our partners and supporters. Our work would not be possible without them.